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Julia Altemus

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Current Position

CO-founder and CEO


JSJ International, Inc.




Missoula County


  • Mentoring
  • Finding a Mentor
  • Public Speaking
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Serving on a Board
  • Career Opportunities
  • Public Office
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Investment Opportunities


Communication and writing skills. Developing public policy. Working with diverse interests.

Co-founder of JSJ International, Inc., a Missoula-based, women-owned parent company of TrikleTrade.com and TAPMissoula.com

Leadership Experience

Served: 1997 - 2005 as Advisory to the Western Governor's Association, 2009 - 2011 as Advisory to USDA Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsak. 2017 - 2019 as advisory to the U of M Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Serving: 2007 to present Advisory to the Montana Forest Collaboration Network, 2011 to present Policy Advisor to the Federal Forest Resource Coalition, 2017 to present Advisory to the Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program.

Target Range PTA president 1990 - 1992, Missoula Consolidated Planning Board 1984 - 1987

How I want to participate in PowerHouse

Women that are interested in networking, business development, mediation, or natural resource public policy.