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How Do I Connect to Mentors and Resources on PowerHouse?

PowerHouse Montana is an online platform designed to connect Montana women to the mentors and resources they need to succeed. It is a source for entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers alike. Register yourself or nominate another PowerHouse in your community and grow your network straight from your computer.

Join us as we work to create a brighter future for Montana women and girls, because when women prosper, communities thrive!

Meet Our Featured PowerHouse

Jen Rahr

Jen Rahr

Owner | Graphic Designer; Chief Creative Officer; Co-Founder

Deer Creek Design Studio; Legacy Creative; Recharge & Realign Retreats

Yellowstone County

Meet Jen

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Montana and the 19th Amendment

State of Montana depicted in purple, white, and gold (colors of the National Woman’s Party suffrage flag) – indicating Montana was one of the original 36 states to ratify the 19th Amendment. The U.S. ratified the 19th Amendment to give … Continued

Why Women Matter in Politics

Why do women matter in politics? It goes beyond the question of fair representation (which, of course, is important) and towards the idea that the policies they help to enact improve social infrastructure and society overall. Women and men have … Continued

Summer — Featured PowerHouse Profile

Supporting and connecting with other women has always been something that Jen is passionate about. She started a local Women Entrepreneurs group as means to network, trade ideas & secrets and learn from those that share in the same struggles & triumphs.

5 Ways to be More Inclusive

Diversity is truly an amazing thing. By creating spaces for folks of all ages, genders, sexualities, races, abilities, and other identities, we put forward a commitment to inclusivity, tolerance, and community. Nobody is perfect when it comes to being inclusive, … Continued

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I was contacted by a PowerHouse member. She found me on the website. We had a fun lunch together sharing stories and getting to know one another. It was wonderful to meet and hear from another mom and business professional in Billings!
– member, Billings

I've gotten so much out of the Mentor Monday events in Bozeman, listening to and speaking with other women to learn how they lead, overcome challenges, and navigate business in general. I've made significant connections at these events and even got a client for my business.
– member, Bozeman

Mentor Mondays with PowerHouse Montana Mentor Mondays with PowerHouse Montana