What is PowerHouse Montana?

PowerHouse Montana is tapping into one of Montana's greatest resources, our women.

We do this by:

  • Connecting Montana women with the resources, mentors, and opportunities they need to thrive in life and business.
  • Increasing the number of Montana women in leadership by providing a go-to source for organizations and companies looking for their next CEO or board chair.

Our network extends throughout Montana and our membership continues to grow. PowerHouse Montana offers monthly educational webinars designed to help women succeed in their careers, and volunteer-led community hubs organize periodic in-person gatherings to provide opportunities for cross-sector education, collaboration, innovation, and idea-sharing.

The Women’s Foundation of Montana believes that women are one of our greatest untapped resources. PowerHouse Montana is tapping into that resource. If you’ve been wondering what will fuel the next phase of economic growth and social innovation in Montana, look no further.

An Initiative of the Women’s Foundation of Montana

The Women’s Foundation raises money to fund and support organizations that help women and girls while acting as a statewide multi-sector convener and source of expertise. We have invested more than half a million dollars in Montana organizations through our grantmaking over the past 15 years. We engage in strategic advocacy in service to our mission. Our goal is to build an endowment to provide a permanent source of grants to invest in the women and girls of Montana. We believe that when women and girls prosper, communities thrive. Learn more at www.wfmontana.org.

A Program of the Montana Community Foundation

The Women’s Foundation of Montana is a program of the Montana Community Foundation. At the Montana Community Foundation, we are all about Montana’s future. Through the power of permanently endowed funds, we help people achieve their philanthropic goals and nonprofit organizations establish stable incomes to support their efforts. Our mission is to cultivate a culture of giving so Montana communities can flourish. Learn more at www.mtcf.org.

Welcome to PowerHouse Montana.

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