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Onwards and Upwards - Cheers to a Great Year!

July 24, 2017  |  By Erika Rasmussen

Hey PowerHouse, Today is my last day of my AmeriCorps VISTA year at the Women's Foundation of Montana, I wanted to reflect on my time with you. In the last year, we have done some big stuff together.
  • We've more than doubled the PowerHouse and increased messages sent by more than 400%, which means 400% more connections that may change the course of one's career.
  • We've expanded #MentorMondayMT to nine different communities, including small rural Montana towns where we are the only resource for women's professional development.
  • We've helped organize the Athena Conference, the women's leadership conference of the Rocky Mountain West, talking about what it means to be bold in a time when women are still getting paid 73 cents to a man's dollar.
  • We gathered around bar tables all over the state and "celebrated" Equal Pay Day with drinks, women's history trivia, and postcard writing.
  • We launched a brand new website home page and blog, giving you space to share your voice.
When I began my AmeriCorps year last July, I had no idea where PowerHouse Montana would be at the end of my year of service or what it would look like. To be honest, I didn't even know if I could fill the shoes I stepped into. But I knew that PowerHouse Montana was more than a networking opportunity. I knew that we weren't just another women's leadership project with big ambition but forgettable outcomes. Women are more likely to invest in their communities, and it's clear that representation in leadership is instrumental in breaking down perceived barriers and creating a trickle down effect for women overall. We wanted to know, how do we make this happen? So last month, we got back to our roots and launched our newest PowerHouse functionality, the one which we're proudest of. Our "Binder of Women"--a clear, intentional pipeline of women to leadership roles in the public, private, and government sectors. Read more about what that means, here. We have the connections, now we want to connect you. You have the ability to note in your profile, publicly or privately, in what ways you'd like to lead, and we connect you to the people who will help make it happen. Make or resubmit your profile on PowerHouse Montana to take a seat at the table--it should only take a few minutes. I know that PowerHouse would not be where it is if it weren't for the incredibly strong network of the Montana women (and men!) who have joined, and I firmly believe that together we have the skills and abilities to conquer anything--even the pay gap, which can seem so big and impossible at times. Thanks for an amazing year together, PowerHouse, and thanks being a resource for Montana's women and committing to a brighter future for girls. This future truly does start with you--let's keep this going. Cheers, Sarah Korn AmeriCorps VISTA, Women's Foundation of Montana P.S. We want you to get involved in our movement--see what kinds of volunteer opportunities are available here! P.P.S. PowerHouse inquiries can now be directed to Jen Euell, Program Director. But let's stay in touch! Connect with me on PowerHouse or LinkedIn.