Happy Grandparents Day

September 10, 2021  |  By Kelly Curtis

September 12 is National Grandparents' Day. In honor of this day, we want to take a special moment to thank and recognize all the grandparents in Montana and across our nation, especially those serving as primary caretakers for their grandchildren.

Did you know?

  • In 2013, about 7 million grandparents, in the United States, lived with their grandchildren and 37% of those grandparents were the primary caretakers of their grandchildren.
  • In 2018, over 64 million Americans lived in a multigenerational home, a house with two or more generations of adults or/and households with grandchildren and their grandparents.

Grandparents play strong roles in communities, and many elders help raise children and pass on specific traditional cultural practices and knowledge to young people as they grow up.

Regardless of if you call your grandparents Grandma and Grandpa, Abuela and Abuelo, Lola and Lolo, Naniji and Nanaji, or other, please join us in saying thank you.

We hope that grandparents everywhere feel the generational love and importance they have in their communities and families.

Want to learn more? See information from the Pew Research Center here and here.