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Equal Pay Day 2020

March 31, 2020  |  By Erika Rasmussen

Today is Equal Pay Day 2020, the day on which we recognize and raise awareness about the gender pay gap. To put it simply, Equal Pay Day marks how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.

Last year, women made 86% of men's incomes nationally. For Montana, the pay gap is even larger with women making only 74 cents for each dollar men make (74%). For many women, we know that there's an even larger barrier to equity: black women make only 61% of men, Native American women make only 58%, and Latina women only 53%.

Thank you to everyone who had expressed interest in our annual Cheers for Change events.

We appreciate and thrive with your support! Unfortunately because of the issues facing our nation and our individual communities, we decided to cancel our statewide events to raise awareness on the issues of Equal Pay. But, we will be doing something soon to recognize Equal Pay Day: we are in the process of moving our campaign online and hosting a webinar in the coming weeks.

Because of the the toll that COVID-19 has taken on small businesses across our communities, the Women's Foundation of Montana wants to urge those who have the means to support their local breweries, restaurants, salons, and other establishments. With the shelter-in-place policy that has been enacted in Montana as of this past Saturday, many businesses will lose most of their income.

How can you support local businesses?

There are so many ways for us to support our local communities without actually stepping out of your house. Below are some ways to support local businesses. For more information on supporting communities, click here.

1. Take a look at their Social Media for the most up-to-date messaging about their current available services. Many businesses will continue to update their Facebook pages with the most accurate information on options to support their business.

2. Reach out via email or phone call to ask how you can best support them. Reach out to some of your favorite businesses if you can't find information available on how best to support them. Times are difficult and stressful for most business owners, and the will be so appreciative to hear from you!

3. Think about finding local women-owned businesses to support in these time. Now more than ever its important to help sustain women owned businesses. Without community support in these incredibly difficult times, many women-owned businesses may not be able to reopen once the dust settles.

Building a strong community and support system between business owners and their customers is important, but it is especially important right now. Many businesses have begun to think up imaginative and ingenious ways to continue operating in this socially distant world--we should come together as consumers and support the creative ways they continue to do business.

Looking for businesses to support? Start with our Cheers for Change 2020 Partners!

Billings - Thirsty Street Brewing Company - They're offering beer delivery and pick-up! Click the link to find more information on how to order.

Butte - Headframe Spirits - They've been hard at work producing hand sanitizer for communities that need it. You can still pick up their liquors in various liquor stores throughout Montana! Give your local store a call to see if they have any Headframe Spirits liquors in stock.

Bozeman - Bozeman Brewing Company - They have beer for curbside pick-up! Click the link to see their menu and information on how to order.

Bozeman - Bridger Brewing Company - They have beer and delicious pizza available for pick up. They've got a lot of special that change every so often, so keep an eye on their Facebook page.

Great Falls - Enbar - They've got take-and-bakes and wine growlers! Don't want to cook dinner? Check out Enbar and see their daily special!

Helena - Ten Mile Creek Brewing - They're have curbside pick-up available everyday 3 PM-7 PM, and delivery available Thursday-Saturday (order needs to be placed before 6 PM).

Kalispell - The Tailing Loop Winery - They've got wine for delivery! Click the link for more info.

Missoula - Imagine Nation Brewing Company - They have all their cans available for curbside pick-up and delivery. If you'd rather get a gift card, you can give them a call at (406) 926-1251 to get more information on how to order!

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