Tessa Heck-George
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Assistant Director at Montana Modern Fine Art.

Current Position

Assistant Director

Montana Modern Fine Art





Specialty Areas
  • Arts - Visual
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networking, social media, PR

More Information:

Leadership Experience

In 2016 I had the honor of founding an alternative art gallery in Portland, OR with five classmates from my graduate program. This space, Killjoy Collective, is centered around showing women and women-identifying artists locally, nationally, and internationally. Through many trials and errors we grew as a team and learned how to communicate better and more efficiently.

Most recently I have moved back to Montana with my husband. I was thrilled to be contacted by Montana Modern Fine Arts as they were looking for someone with my experience and education to help build the gallery. I have been here since October and can’t wait to keep building my expertise in art!


How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I would love to be contacted to start networking with PowerHouse!