Susan Fisher
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Identify Natural Energies, teach, research and support community through understanding of 9 Energies.

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9 Energies Inc





Specialty Areas
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner
  • Design / Marketing
  • Non-Profit
  • Trailblazer

Natural Energy Identification, Wordpress Website Development, Business Start-up

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I have been researching, teaching and identifying the 9 Natural Energies for 14 years.  I have dedicated all my energy, skill, and experience to learning more, understanding how to communicate about, and offering the experience of 9 Energies.  9 Energies provides a physical experience to understand and access your Natural Energy.  This gives you conscious access to your Superpowers – your innate gifts that you offer the world around you.  There are nine different kinds of physical bodies, your body is equipped, developed and molded by your Natural Energy.  It determines how you move, what your strengths and skills are, how your senses work, and is a direct access point to your spiritual nature.  I am committed to introducing 9 Energies to as many people as possible.  We offer free Natural Energy Identification events in Bozeman, MT weekly.  We also offer a free leadership program to any non-profit or youth group wishing to learn about and incorporate the knowledge of the 9 Energies into their working organization.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

We offer the experience of identifying your Natural Energy to anyone who would like to have the experience.  Either through our weekly events, privately scheduled events, workshops and festivals you can have your Natural Energy Identified.  We are also building local community to explore and further develop our understanding of the gifts and skills of each of the Natural Energies.   Our goal is for all of Montana to know their Natural Energy and for it to be commonly understood and applied for the good of our communities.  We offer our 9 Energies Leadership Program to organizations who have big goals and need support in staying with and moving toward those goals.