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I am a Montana girl who recently, finally returned home and am living with my husband and 12 year-old daughter in the beautiful Flathead Valley.

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Specialty Areas
  • Law
  • Biology
  • Communications
  • Energy
  • Real Estate
  • Technology
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Natural Resources and Environmental Law; Research and Writing; Communication; Databases and IT; Adminstrative Processes; Real Property

More Information:

Leadership Experience

My leadership talent springs from my ability to bring diverse people together in a collaborative environment to problem solve and to produce positive outcomes for all stakeholders. My M.O. as a team leader is to provide the structure and organization to allow my team to shine by recognizing and capitalizing on individual’s talents and areas of expertise. I also strongly believe in modeling expectations though personal hard work and accomplishment; I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves to help get the job done!

I have been an informal leader and IT trainer throughout my career beginning at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Office of Laboratory Counsel. At that amazing institution, I was involved in legal office and matter management, and became a leader on many teams advancing cutting edge IT at the office of Laboratory Counsel, solving technical and organizational issues, and promoting efficiency in legal office processes and procedures.

In law school at the University of New Mexico, I was nominated as Co-Editor in Chief of the Natural Resources Journal, where I lead a phenomenal group of extremely hard-working law students to publish two great Journal issues – no small undertaking! As an associate attorney in Longmont, Colorado I was asked to lead the office in reestablishing and reimagining our legal blog and to manage our print legal marketing campaign and team on improving our online presence. This was exciting and rewarding work! I found that I really enjoyed advertising and marketing, and I have become an even more effective communicator from the experience.

Really all of these examples are just the start of something bigger and more meaningful for me. Now that I have come home to Montana, the place that I love, I wish to realize my full career potential and to begin to truly become involved in my community. I want be a part of a group of like-minded women, who, like me, are driven to continue to grow and to support each other. I am super-excited for this next chapter in my life!

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

If you are looking for a volunteer or partner to advocate, especially in writing, for a meaningful cause.  If you are having database issues or are looking for office process or IT advice.  If you know of or have physical volunteer work in the Flathead Valley.  And finally, if you are in need of a friend, because I am in need of many friends.  Right now while I am in the process of getting barred I cannot work as an attorney, so I have a lot of time on my hands and I am looking for things to do.