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Hi! My name is Paula, I'm a Design Consultant who specializes in Certified Home Staging, Kitchen Design, Certified Color Consulting & Interior Design.

Current Position

Owner Designer

PJStaging & Design, LLC & 4 Seasons Outdoor Kitchens & Design, LLC





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  • Design / Marketing
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Certified Home Stager, Outdoor & Interior Kitchen Designer, Certified Color Consultant, Interior Designer

More Information:

Leadership Experience


Researching and Learning about Designing Outdoor Kitchens and how they are the same, but different than interior kitchens.

Designing Kitchens and Space Planning.   New construction and Renovations.  Working in the field with builders and contractors.   I have worked with flood victims in North Dakota helping with budgeting, (3% with insurance)   Developing new space planning flooded homes along with designing  kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, paint, etc.  I am proud I have experience pipe lining in the oil and gas field.  Yes, I grinned the pipe with a grinder.  What I did learn while I was pipe lining, is that what the engineer puts on paper, is not what always works in the field.  That helps me when I am drawing my kitchens, it needs to work in the field.

Informal: I am proud of my volunteering for 7 years in Victim Services with the R.C.M.P. in southern Alberta. I am also, now a Big Sister for Big Brother Big Sister, for close to one year now here in Kalispell.





How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I would really like to become a team, with a community professional team, working with realtors, investors, painters, floor sales persons, organizers, and home cleaners, home builders, etc.  We all work together to create a team and everyone wins, The home seller wins, the home buyer wins.

I can be a resource in helping realtors, home owners, flippers with getting their homes sold and sold faster. I can offer many options for individual  properties they are working with.