Nicole Gallow
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Working and playing in Montana is the greatest adventure ever! I can’t wait to connect with and befriend other Powerhouse Montana Women!

Current Position

Product Marketing Manager

Zoot Enterprises





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Marketing, Product Management, Business Strategy, Martial Arts!, Outdoor Rec, Event Management, Disaster & Resource Planning, Copy writing, Research, Product Development

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I am originally from New York – no, not the city, there are other parts of the state! I went to college at Niagara University and was in the college of business. I was in several clubs there and also the captain of my rugby team. From there I moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I was part of several SaaS startups in and leading marketing departments. I also was (and still am in a remote capacity) on the Board of Directors for the Global Data Center Alliance.

Previously, I owned two of my own businesses. One was a non-profit called Community KIDS that brought self defense instruction into schools. The other company was an LLC that also taught self-defense but more in a public setting, for kids, seniors, women and general adult courses. I also taught at two local community colleges in Arizona.

Here in Montana, I work for Zoot Enterprises as Product Marketing Manager. I am also the President of the Board for my HOA community association. We can talk about that offline sometime, haha.

I enjoy volunteering and do go with GVLT, Yellowstone Coalition and Run Dog Run Bozeman.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I’m very happy to talk about starting up a non-profit, running business, marketing, product development – really anything. I don’t claim to know everything there is to know, but I know others that do! And I like to learn.

I’d love to be a mentor or be mentored myself.