Natalie Boose
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Hello, I am a young entrepreneur based in Missoula, MT. I am hoping to open my first shop, God Shot Espresso Bar, this summer at a local gym facility.

Current Position


God Shot Espresso Bar





Specialty Areas
  • Design / Marketing
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner
  • Arts - Performing

vocalist/piano composition

More Information:

Leadership Experience

Some of the positions I have held over the years include:

  • Middle school tutor (various subjects) –Stillwater Christian School
  • Student Council Secretary –Stillwater Christian School
  • Spiritual life coordinator –Stillwater Christian school
  • Director of chapel activities –Stillwater Christian school
  • Special Music/Hymn Coordinator –Kalispell SDA & Moorhead-Fargo SDA Church
  • Youth Bible Study Co-director –SDA, Kalispell SDA Church
  • Freshman director of (music composition) mastermind class –Concordia College
  • Intramural Soccer (team co-coach) — University of Montana
  • Pursue Your Passion –Blackstone Launchpad
  • Co-owing and developing my own L.L.C. –Blackstone Launchpad
How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I would like to participate in PowerHouse so that I can network with other empowered woman in Montana– there are so many of us, and such a vast span of knowledge when we combine as one force. I would love to be immersed in all that positive energy and really get inspired to meet my own goals of entrepreneurship.

Other Information

I love finding the beauty in everything that crosses my path. Especially in the small details that other people may not notice, I try to optimize this beauty by combining it with efficient strategies. My hope is that after my work is done, others will see that same beauty and value it just as much as I do.