Mikaleen Lowe
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I'm a young professional who has a deep passion for design and marketing, and an excitement for all the incredibly strong women in this state.

Current Position

Marketing Design Strategist






Specialty Areas
  • Advertising
  • Arts - Visual
  • Businesses
  • Communications
  • Design / Marketing
  • Marketing

Graphic design, effective marketing, baking, playing with puppies, drinking coffee

More Information:

Leadership Experience

Fulfilled many leadership roles in organizations during my time at MSU including President of the Student Alumni Association and chairs in AOII sorority and many honor societies. As a new graduate (from 2014), I’m excited to start finding new leadership positions to fill now that I’ve got my big kid feet planted pretty firmly.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

As a younger professional, I’m excited to find women to lead me and to act as role models as I get to shape my future and begin to start helping those around me, so that someday I can be a role model to other women. I’m also excited for the opportunity to get inside advice from women who have walked ahead of me in similar career paths and learn new perspectives from those in other careers.