Megan Heimel
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Wife to a hockey coach, mom to two little boys and a former workaholic, turned stay at home mom, turned small business owner.

Current Position


Sweetest Psalms Creations


Great Falls



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  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Social Media Marketing & Communication

More Information:

Leadership Experience

Throughout my, life I’ve held various leadership positions at local and state levels. As a young woman in high school and college I ambitiously served as state officers for various clubs and collegiate groups. As a college graduate, I volunteered my time with young professional groups and political campaigns. After getting married and having children, I given my time for various volunteer positions- from assuming the role of billet coordinator for my husband’s junior hockey team for several years, to volunteering in children’s ministry programs at my local church. Changes can not be made from the sidelines, and I’ve always enjoyed getting involved where I can no matter what season of life I may be in.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I would love to get involved anyway possible. I was first introduced to the organization via Instagram where several fellow Montana small business owners I know participated in Instagram takeovers! I loved this and would love to share with other women how a stay at home mom to young children can successfully run a small business from her home.