Mary Carroll
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Mary is a business owner, self-taught fin-tech girl, and lover of lazy weekends.

Current Position


CoWork Bozeman





Specialty Areas
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Community Organizer

Communication, Teamwork, Willingness to Learn, Ability to Think Big

More Information:

Leadership Experience
  • Owner of CoWork Bozeman. I worked from home for several months until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I loved having the flexibility that working from home provided, but HELLO, I needed to see humans and make friendships. So I opened up CoWork Bozeman in downtown Bozeman which is a shared office space for those who need an excuse to put on pants and leave the house and get their work sh*t done!
  • Hire #1 for AdvicePay. AdvicePay is a payment processor technology that allows financial planners to get paid by their clients in a transparent and easy way. As the first employee in a startup, I am responsible for a little bit of everything – sales, customer service, marketing, writing out user stories for the developers, etc.
  • Big Brother/Big Sister. I have a “little” sister in Bozeman through Big Brother/Big Sister. She’s such an awesome girl who has taught me so much.
How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse
  • You want someone to talk to.
  • Love guacamole, wine, and cheesy nachos.
  • Want to create a group of awesome women who want to do awesome stuff.