Maj Cooper
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Current Position

Administrative Support Team Supervisor





Lewis & Clark

Specialty Areas
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Problem solving, motivating others, consulting with others

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I have been in my supervisory position for 2 years – leading a team of two other administrators as well as overseeing the 3 person housekeeping team. In that time I have had to have developmental discussions with associates not in positions that were the correct fit for them, deal with policy violations personally as well as set expectations of the degree policies are followed. I have personally guided and trained both of the associates on my team from scratch, as well as developed a relationship with the entire executive team within our store that fosters effective peer to peer feed-back as well as the ability to “manage-up”. I also have leadership relationships with the district team for our store, allowing me to have resources I can effectively reach out to when I need.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I am looking for a way to expand my opportunities in Montana. I have deeply enjoyed working for Macys, I never imagined to only have worked for one company at the age of 24. But I have begun to feel pigeon holed in my options, my mentors I have been able to have are all with Macys and I have no knowledge of what is available for me in the community. I have big dreams, I want to help influence and inspire people while constantly being challenged. My current role has been good for that, but my outreach is only extended as far as our employees in the store. I want to be able to have a new level of involvement.

Other Information

I am 24 years old, I moved here from Maine when I was 19 (with a brief stint in Seattle). I started Carroll that January (2011), I was a very non-traditional student – I didn’t really know what I wanted out of college, I just wanted experiences and to use my mind. That being the case while I have gained some unique life experience during that time I feel I may have missed out on some chances for networking and getting out in the community to see what it had to offer. During my 4 years at Carroll I bought a house, got married and had my wonderful daughter (who is now 2) all while maintaining my employment at Macys (PT during those years). I still graduated on time thanks to summer classes and flexible teachers, and then I moved straight into my Supervisor role of the department I worked in during my Carroll years. I feel these experiences have made me the worker that I am and have helped me discover what I find fulfilling and what motivates and drives me.