Libby Brunell
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Libby is a part of a team of growth consultants focused on capacity building and operational excellence.

Current Position

Director of Leadership Development and Organizational Design

Cascadia Business Development





Specialty Areas
  • Businesses
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner
  • Consulting
  • Policy
  • Human Resources
  • Non-Profit

Curriculum Development, Public Speaking, Process Improvement, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Program Development, Leadership, Meeting Facilitation, Management, Board Development, Fundraising, Community Development

More Information:

Leadership Experience

Libby Brunell was born and raised in Montana.  Her personal goal has always been to work hard, lead progress, think creatively, educate people to achieve their potential, treat others with respect and empathy, and find positive ways to fuel improvement initiatives.

She has a clear vision of what it takes to  motivate teams to achieve continuous improvement.  As Cascadia’s Director of Leadership Development and Organizational Design, she serves as a key partner of Cascadia’s leadership team, advising in the strategy and execution of succession planning, leadership development, and talent management solutions to improve high potential employee readiness for increased responsibilities, as well as developing capable, confident leaders at all levels who inspire their teams and drive extraordinary performance. She is also responsible for researching, assessing, recommending, and evaluating solutions for achieving optimum employee and organizational performance, and the development of quality professional training to support the continual improvement of organizations.

Libby is a state and nationally recognized public speaking coach.  She has coached numerous national qualifiers and is known for infusing quality and engaging content, high energy, and interesting visuals to help presenters engage with audiences in a meaningful and unique way.

In addition to her commitment to organizational and professional development, Libby is a board member for the Hellgate Finance Academy, the Missoula Area Chicks and Chap, past President of the Montana Forensic Educators Association, and past National Forensic League District Chairperson for the Montana District.  She actively looks for volunteer opportunities in numerous local and statewide non-profits, a manifestation of her commitment to community leadership, education and professional development.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I am excited to be a mentor, listen and brainstorm, introduce others to expanded networks, or work on any project that helps promote the mission of PowerHouse.  I am also interested in making more connections throughout the state and working collaboratively with others.