Kimberly DeBruycker
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Current Position

Pre-K through 12 Education and Scuba Diving Travel





Specialty Areas
  • Education

Organization, Curriculum,

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Leadership Experience

Kim was born and raised in northern Montana. A farm and ranch girl, Kim grew up with horses, cattle, tractors, combines, and motorcycles. Naturally, coming from a small rural community she started her leadership experiences in 4-H and FHA.

Enrolling at Montana State University as an over-traditional age student with four children, Kim would have loved to have the advice and mentorship of Powerhouse Montana, so now she is welcoming the chance to mentor and support others. Graduating with degrees in Elementary Education and Health and Human Development she taught middle school in Bozeman for six years and then earned a Masters Degree in Education Leadership. Kim developed her leadership over 16 years as the Administrator at a K-8 rural school with about 160 students while also earning her Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction.

Retiring from full-time administration in 2015, Kim continues to divide her time between Pre-K-12 education and scuba diving education and travel. In her leadership role at Sports Cove, a Bozeman PADI scuba training and travel facility, Kim assists in leading expeditions worldwide. Ultimately, Kim can lead a rich curriculum-based experience for 5th graders in Yellowstone Park or 8th graders in Washington D.C. or a buck list multi-age diving and cultural tour in places like the Philippines or Fiji. She is a comfortable leading in and out of the classroom.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I would like to participate in PowerHouse as an “seasoned” advocate and mentor for the challenges faced by single women with families, women in the workplace, and in general as a positive mentor and education/travel advocate. I look forward to connecting with other Montana women in meaningful ways.