Kelly Ryan
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Hi! I'm Kelly. I moved to Montana from the midwest a few years ago to pursue an alternative lifestyle of passion, outdoors, and service.

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Kelly Ryan, MS, LCPC, Professional LLC





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Leadership Experience

I’m in the process of starting my own private practice. I have been pursuing a career in psychology since college, but I’ve been interested in humans my whole life. Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved listening to other people and understanding their stories. In college, I worked one-on-one with children with developmental disabilities, learning to understand their needs, meet their families, and become immeshed in their progress. In my graduate program, I was one of 3 students to pursue a dual degree in clinical and rehabilitation psychology. My interests originated with my work with autism, but I soon grew to love working one-on-one with individuals in psychotherapy.

In my sessions now, I feel connected to every client and compelled to understand what makes them tick and what makes them feel heard. I value the ability to intimately know a stranger and guide them towards healing. I believe in the power of holistic treatment, treated the being as mind, spirit, and body. Ultimately, I would love to develop a counseling program that combines mental wellness, nutrition, and the outdoors. I also have a therapy dog, who I cherish as not only an additional counselor, but as my best friend.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

You would like to consult about counseling, animal therapy, small businesses, or join in some backcountry skiing or climbing!