Karoline Rose
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Karoline Rose is a passionate, Montana rancher and small business owners who loves ag marketing and empowering women to start business

Current Position

Owner- Agriculture Marketing

KRose Company





Specialty Areas
  • Agriculture

Facebook advertising, marketing, ranching, small business management, business development, email marketing, website design, small business consulting, website editing/ auditing, print ad design

More Information:

Leadership Experience

Leadership Experience


  • Co-founder/ co-president of Collegiate Stockgrowers at Montana State University
  • Helped found Collegiate Stockgrowers at Purdue University in Indiana and Western in Dillon, Montana and Montana State University Northern
  • Historian at Montana Stockgrowers
  • Top 5, Oral Reasons on Montana State University Wool Judging team
  • Assistant coach for 3 years on Montana State University Wool Judging team
  • Member of Montana State University Livestock Judging team
  • 1 of 4 members of Hunger U
  • Placed 3rd in College Aggies Online
  • Co-founder and leader of Montana State I Love Farmers They Feed My Soul
  • National Ag-Ambassador team member
  • Participant and chosen for New Century Farmer program
  • Leads a team of 3 employees as the KRose Company founder and owner
How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I want to participate in Powerhouse because I am huge believer that the tribe mentality is the best mentality in getting women to be successful.  I live in rural Montana- Toston, Montana to be exact and I know that oftentimes I feel like I find myself pulling my hair out because I want and need to talk to someone who is in the same shoes as I am.  I want to talk to someone who is struggling with juggling running a small business, running a house and being in a family operation.  There isn’t someone to talk to, so I really believe that Powerhouse is a phenomenal opportunity to bring these women together and be able to talk about our struggles, challenges and successes.  We’re all in this similar situation but it’s also a place for women who want to take that next step to have a group of women who are doing it and they can reach out and ask questions.  I know when I first came out 2 years ago and told people my dreams of not getting a nine-to-five, people didn’t think it was possible.  They didn’t think that at 22 years old that I could do it, that I could step out of college with an animal science degree and not go to work for someone.  I want to empower women that they don’t have to choose between their kids and a career, that they don’t have to cry every time they drop their kids off at daycare.  They can work in a family business and set their own schedule, they can choose and live life by their design.  I am passionate about that I’m doing it and I don’t want to say that to be cocky, I want to say that because I really think that there’s women out there who have these God-given talents but they’re not using them to their ability.  They need someone empowering, they need someone to light that spark under them.  These women need someone to say, “Hey, I made these mistakes and I don’t want you to make them.  Here’s what I did, and I hope it makes you successful.  Here’s exactly what you need.”  It’s possible for someone to stay home with their kids, have a successful business, put food on the table and support the family.  So, I want to be a part of Powerhouse because not only do I need a tribe of women who share the same struggles with me, but a tribe of women to bounce ideas off of.  I need to join a community  weekly or monthly and feel at home because we’re all in the same struggles.  Also,  I’m a firm believer in empowering other women who have this dream or a side hustle or they want to take their side hustle to a full time occupation.  I want to give them the tools and I want to be of service to help them take that next step.  

Other Information

I really think that with social media we think that we have a community.  Loneliness in rural Montana is huge and I don’t think that we admit it as much as we should.  Getting together, having a cup of coffee, being in connection, actually sitting down and talking to people is so important.  It’s really easy to have tons of friends on Facebook and feel ridiculously lonely in real life and I think what Powerhouse is doing is really important.  We all have individual struggles but we all have a lot of the same struggles and while social media keeps up connected, it doesn’t keep us from feeling unconnected.  It’s important for some of that in-person connection and I really think that as social media grows, we need to empower people to get together and form real life connections as well.