Julia Bryant-Barrantes
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Fast talking. Idea-maven. Mompreneur. Inspired by passion for business development, art, and relationships. #ButFirstCoffee

Current Position

Founder/ Head Marketer

406 Social Media




Lewis & Clark

Specialty Areas
  • Advertising
  • Arts - Visual
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Connecting, Business Development, Guerrilla Marketing, New Ideas &a Fresh Prespective

More Information:

Leadership Experience

Julia moved to Montana from the coast excited about the opportunities only Montana offered. She immediately immersed herself in the culture becoming integrated into Butte’s uptown Art Walk and working with small businesses.

In college she served as an Ambassador to the Chancellor, traveling to Canada and across the state to encourage education to young kids with Graduations Matter and as an outreach to Montana Tech Alumni members. She also served as Vice President of the Associated Students at Montana Tech and worked with Powerhouse Montana and the Montana Department of Labor to bring the 2nd Annual Equal Pay Summit to Butte, Montana. Julia was one of the first 4 students to work under the B.E.A.R. Program, providing Big Brothers and Big Sisters with a fresh business plan and marketing strategy.  Since then, she has worked with countless small businesses on revitalizing their business structure, creating marketing campaigns, and having a social media presence in the modern digital age.

Currently, Julia runs her own digital marketing consulting agency and works with both private and public sector.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I most look forward to the conversations and connecting with powerhouses from all backgrounds and specialties. I would love the opportunity to reach out in our community and encourage the POWERHOUSE mentality for young girls as well.