Joanna Dahlseid
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I am a personal trainer in Missoula and I focus on helping women ditch the food and exercise obsession by learning how to love their body.

Current Position

Personal Trainer and creator of the wholistic wellness experience.

Joanna Dahlseid





Specialty Areas
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Coaching, training and teaching skill set around habitual change

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I have 2 businesses that I run currently.

I help lead and guide 2 health groups with over 4,000 people in each group.  I have been doing this for almost 3 years now.

I help entrepreneurs duplicate their systems to help grow their own businesses while maintaining simplicity.

I lead and educate training seminars on nutrition 2-3 times per year.

I helped found the No Safe Sallys organization in Missoula.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I want to participate in this movement any way that I can.  Any opportunity I have to build up other women, encourage them to go for it, and support their success is a bonus in my book.  I believe in building women up.  I believe in sharing in our experiences in a real and authentic way to help support their endeavors for their life.

Other Information

I am all about freedom.  Too often I work with women who downplay their potential because they are so focused on what their bodies aren’t.  I am on a mission to help women break free from body obsession, food and exercise obsession and move forward with their life in a healthy way.  We, as women, have so much to offer, and I personally hate to see women sell themselves short because of a perceived muffin top.  I have been there and back, and I have the tools to help women shift from this behavior.  I teach women how to learn how to intuitively eat, move their body, embrace their process and let go of the 3, 456 rules around nutrition and exercise.  It only serves as a distraction, and I believe simplicity is key.