Jenni Rohrbach
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No individual or nation can achieve alone, the connections we make bring us closer to our goals and take us home, no matter where we are.

Current Position

President and Business Owner

Finlandia Foundation of Montana and Bab's Condos LLC





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  • Community Organizer
  • Education
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner
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Creative professional with experience in research and reporting both at interactive local and political, international levels. ▪ Inspirational and committed community developer and nurturing educator in helping communities to thrive and individuals to develop creative thinking and persevere through educational and professional challenges. ▪ Strong organizational and interpersonal skills with confidence in program and curricula development, presentation and evaluation.

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I have a love affair with our state, especially with “my” Missoula community that I’ve called home for the last 16 years. During this time, I’ve moved in and out of Missoula, but have always returned, and finally stayed permanently, when my first daughter was born in 2011. I’ve always had a drive for making difference that I know sounds a bit naïve or like an old cliché but I truly have always invested in relationships and made meaningful connections to people and places, no matter where in the world I’ve been. And these connections and meanings have given me a good fundamental reason to achieve goals while maintaining a satisfying work-life balance.

With my education in Sociology and Human Geography (MA and MS), I studied abroad as a Fulbright Scholar, but later also as a researcher in Finland, Germany, USA and Vietnam. I did my service with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in Helsinki and with the United Nations in New York City. Then in the midst of becoming a mother to two adorable children, I became a self-employed contractor and a business owner, and more recently added some more flavour by founding a non-profit and serving two boards.

It’s been learning curve, a trip to unknowing. A little bit of something and everything to sustain and to grow – to manage and enjoy life, but more importantly to interact and influence. The projects I’m currently involved in are geared towards collective impact and social capital investing. I believe the power lies in the cross-sector collaboration that is at the forefront of innovation to inspire action for social change.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I believe in human to human interactions. Emphasizing values and practices of shared responsibility and collective care is something that is deeply rooted in the Nordic culture that I grew up surrounded by. It is the like-minded Nordic philosophies and Nordic models for co-creation that give a good understanding of what it means to have cohesive and open communities and how significant cross-sector collaboration in change-making is for maximizing the potential for equal opportunity. And this is what I stand for and the reason why I see an immense value in participating in the Powerhouse. Life is simply good in Missoula with a lot of social capital and collective care that makes it almost effortless to work towards achieving shared goals. I believe Collective Impact, Innovation and Design Thinking are not to be re-discovered or re-created amongst us, because these elements have always existed in our talented and giving community and are here to evolve.

Other Information

I look forward to networking and sharing resources. Please feel free to contact me, anytime. I am always available, as I like to think that the busiest people are the ones who think and say that they always have time.