Jeannie McIsaac Tracy
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I am passionate about education, leadership, and mentoring young professionals. I facilitate, coach, and teach leadership courses.

Current Position

Leadership and Education Consultant





Specialty Areas
  • Education
  • Consulting

Leadership Training, Organizational Consulting, Education, Event Management and Planning

More Information:

Leadership Experience

For 20 years, I worked in higher education administration at MSU Billings with a focus on building student leaders and developing and mentoring young professionals.  I am passionate about the impact that education can have on improving lives and I value opportunities to contribute and improve educational systems and education leaders.  I have developed and continue to teach courses to students on leadership development at MSU Billings and Miles Community College.

For the past 4 years, I have worked in employee development and leadership training at Elation.  I have researched and developed classes, training, and facilitated workshops on neuroscience, leadership, and human performance.  Through my work at Elation, I have continue to enhance and develop my skills as a mentor and leader and love presenting workshops and leadership training to groups and organizations.

The other “passion” I have is for creating organizational systems and improving process.  Through all of my professional work experience, I have developed strong internal operations, systems, and process.  The value in this doing this type of work, is when you create systems and operations that function well, it gives you the space and freedom to put your time and energy into the best part your work- developing employees, collaborating with others, and creating amazing places to work.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I am looking for a network of professional woman leaders who are engaged in improving opportunities for women to build strong leadership skills and improve the number of women in key leadership roles in both business and education.