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I'm an Organizational Consultant, results-driven Leadership Coach, comprehensive Diversity & Culture Trainer, and an engaging speaker.

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Owner & Lead Consultant

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  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Trailblazer
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Speaking, training, cross-cultural living, teaching, supporting others' goals, listening, creative, organizing, detailed-oriented, communicating, connecting

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I believe that we all lead in our lives – either intentionally or by default. I am confident in my skills and when people are willing to open up, I’m able to help them create change in their lives beyond their imagination! I believe in being a servant leader – where I put others before myself because it’s important to “lift as you climb, build as you grow.”

I am a certified Professional Coach and Organization Development Consultant. I’m one of 5 known Energy Leadership Index Assessment Master Practitioners in Montana. This assessment has been listed in Forbes Top 11 Assessments Every Executive Should Take. When I consult and coach, I’m always assessing how much energy someone has to complete important tasks and how we can increase your energy for the responsibilities you have in life. I work with organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals.

I built a thriving university-based program from the ground up in less than 4 weeks for international students. I created everything from finding classrooms and training teachers to designing the curriculum and evaluating the program. It was a success as it grew 900% in two years as a combined effort from the entire department.

I was an Invited Speaker to the 2012 International TESOL Conference in Philadelphia, PA. I spoke to over 250 people about working with Chinese students in an American university setting. The presentation was titled “Engaging the Seemingly Disinterested Chinese Student in an American IEP.”

I lived in Asia for over 5 years teaching English as a Foreign Language. I have contacts in over 50 different countries with American expats as well as nationals. I believe that experiencing another culture gives you a larger context for your life and its purpose. We are all connected in some way and most likely in ways you never expected before.

I’m the chair of my church’s evangelism committee. Everything in life centers on relationship and values.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

You need someone to bounce ideas off of or need an ear to listen without giving advice or judgment.
You want a speaker on self-care, communication, increasing energy, removing obstacles, or cultural diversity.
You need a proofreader/editor for documents.
You want a detailed person to ask questions for feedback.
You need to be connected to someone – personally or professionally.
You have a training spot to fill.
You are looking for a professional coach – either personally or professionally.
You need to brainstorm creative ideas for events or conferences. I’m also a great coordinator too!

Other Information

I have a customized services form on my website at https://www.janesecarstens.com/services that you can fill out for free. I will write up a proposal based on your needs and information. Let’s have a conversation about how I can support what you do to the best of your ability!

If you ever have any questions, I’m an open book so please ask me. I enjoy getting to know other women who have similar or different passions than me. I believe we’re all better in community so I look forward to becoming part of yours!