Jakki Mohr
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Regents Professor of Marketing at University of Montana; specialty in marketing strategies for emerging technologies and innovations

Current Position

Regents Professor of Marketing

University of Montana





Specialty Areas
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Businesses
  • Advertising
  • Consulting

education, consulting, executive training, public speaking, developing business strategy, coaching,

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Leadership Experience

Dr. Jakki Mohr is the Regents Professor of Marketing, the Gallagher Distinguished Faculty Fellow, and Fellow, Institute on Ecosystems, at the University of Montana. Jakki studies challenges companies face in developing and commercializing break-through innovations, including a broad range of technologies ranging from scientific innovations to innovations in restoration and ecology. She also served on the National Academies of Sciences Committee to overcome barriers to electric vehicle deployment in the United States (2012-2014).  Her current  research focuses on  how companies use biomimicry (innovations inspired by nature, based on underlying biological mechanisms) to solve technical and engineering challenges, the basis of her TEDx talks in 2011 and 2012. Her early research focused on organizational communication between partners in strategic alliances/ partnerships and between distribution channel members.


An innovator in the field of marketing high-technology products and services, Mohr has achieved international acclaim for Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations (2010, 3rd edition, with Sanjit Sengupta and Stanley Slater), used by colleges and universities worldwide (translated into three languages) as well as by managers for executive training sessions. In addition, her book has resulted in invitations to guest-teach at the Drucker School of Management (Claremont Graduate University), ORT University (as a Fulbright Specialist) in Montevideo, Uruguay, as well as universities in Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, India, France, and Italy and to conduct executive education at companies both large (such as Fujitsu) and small.

She enjoys working with the start-up community in Montana. In her spare time, she enjoys many outdoor activities with her active family: Michael, son Willy and daughter Claire.

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