Hilary Lozar
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I am a lifelong Montana resident. I care deeply about my home, my family, and my friends. I believe that we are stronger together!

Current Position


Ronan school district





More Information:

Leadership Experience

I am currently the senior teacher in my grade level at KWH elementary school. I lead our team meetings and often organize school-wide events. I have also acted as section leader in my post-graduate study group. I am very comfortable in front of groups of people and am fairly comfortable leading activities. I am the chairperson of a non-profit group in the Polson area, raising funds to build an ice arena locally.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I am looking for mentors in fundraising, business, and managing employees. In the near future, I will be in charge of running an ice rink, and I will be needing lots of guidance to make things run smoothly, particularly on the business side of things.