Geraldine Carter
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Geraldine Carter coaches entrepreneurs and business leaders to be more focused and present at work and at home.

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Leadership Development, Business Coaching

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Leadership Experience

In 2008, Geraldine co-founded Climate Ride, a non-profit that organizes bicycle events to raise awareness of climate change, and money for groups that work to fight it. She is also the founder of Ninth Degree Consulting, a tech and operations company, and is now a full-time business coach, working with men and women to get clear about their goals, get real about their value and their worth, and focus on what is most important.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

You own, run, or are thinking of starting a business, and want someone to talk with about it, or bounce ideas off of. I support women who are ready to be bold, who are ready to do things that might be a bit scary, who are ready to face challenges with the openness and relentless courage it takes to create success.

Other Information

I teach courses for business owners and entrepreneurs like Ditch Your Money Hangups and Be More Effective with Your Time. They are reasonably priced and totally worth it.