E.B. Love
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Talent Sleuth w/ an Appetite for HiTech, Living in a SaaS/Cloud Realm. River Rat. Kayak Addict. Barefoot girl. Love my Life & my Dog.

Current Position

Technical Talent Acquisition






Specialty Areas
  • Human Resources

Technical Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Hiring, Leadership, Resume Development, Interviewing, Most Talent Acquisition Things and Humor.

More Information:

Leadership Experience

As an experienced talent acquisition consultant on a mission to rid the world of bad recruiting experiences, my goal is to provide an unparalleled level of service to my customers, both internal and external.

Acting in a consultative fashion, I understand what motivates my candidates and why they would consider new opportunities; in addition, I know my customers and their business. By leveraging multi-channel sourcing techniques, tools, networks and relationships, I am able to effectively and efficiently find the right person for the right job.

Daily I work to improve the organization’s ability to identify, attract, and acquire top talent, from individual contributors to senior leadership within my client groups. Building a diverse pipeline for current and future talent needs is my passion, it drives me every single day – If only there was ENOUGH time in the day!!! It’s always great to dream big!

Throughout my career I have had experience to many verticals in many industries, however, I’m thrilled to have found a world class SaaS organization in Big Sky Country. Fast Paced, Progressive Product Development Software Companies – that’s my bag, baby!

Specialties: Advanced sourcing expertise, strengths in building and developing customer and business relationships, networking and recruitment experience in National and International recruitment efforts. Job description creation, development, and evolution. Matching excellent talent with excellent opportunity. Employment branding and candidate management.

ABR: Always Be Recruiting.

►Full life cycle recruitment best practices
►Candidate sourcing and assessment
►Relationship and Project Management

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

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