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Find the Good. Do the Good. Be the Good. That's My Motto.

Current Position

Marketing & Communication Manager

Montana West Economic Development





Specialty Areas
  • Businesses
  • Communications
  • Community Organizer
  • Design / Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Arts - Performing
Interested in:
  • Mentoring
  • Finding a Mentor
  • Public Speaking
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Serving on a Board
  • Career Opportunities
  • Public Office
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Investment Opportunities

Word Nerd, Hostess with the Mostest, Big Thinker, Story Teller, Problem Solving, Public Relations, Making Connections, Building Relationships & Creating Collaborative Conversations

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I’ve always been told “I’m bossy-in-a-nice-way” – something I could have taken offense to, but luckily for me, My Mom chose to show me that those “leadership skills” will forever move me forward. Most of my positions have began in management, and when not, I worked my up the chain of command through sheer determination and a willingness to do and master any job. As a supervisor, my greatest accomplishments were measured by the success of my Teams. Mentoring our future leaders (okay, bossing & steering them in the right direction), makes me incredibly proud! My goal is to take our young “Thought Leaders” and guide them to become future “Change Makers.” Naturally persuasive, I have used my superpowers as a means for doing good works – from volunteering for anything and everything (I’m naturally a people-pleaser, too), serving on various boards, committees, and community projects like Making MT, the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce, Flathead Community Foundation, PowerHouse Montana – as a Facilitator for PowerHouse Flathead and on the PowerHouse Montana Advisory Committee. Oh! And, I raised three incredibly kind, smart, hard-working, life-loving individuals (My Babies!) all of strong character! My role as “Mom” is my shiniest moment!


How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I’m not here to sell, I’m here to serve. I’m not here to pitch, I’m here to promote.

Building each other up to better ourselves, our families and our communities is paramount to making the world a better place. I strive to be an Emissary of Grace – to Find the Good, Do the Good and Be the Good. If participating in PowerHouse keeps me on that path and it sounds like an adventure to you, I’d love to share the journey.