Destiny Hagest
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I'm a copywriter and digital marketer that helps businesses craft engaging content to drive traffic and sales.

Current Position

Copywriter - Digital Marketer





Specialty Areas
  • Businesses
  • Consulting
  • Design / Marketing
  • Arts - Literature/Spoken Word
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner

Copywriting, editing, social media management, WordPress, SEO, link-building, affiliate marketing, outreach

More Information:

Leadership Experience

Though I started out initially as a staff writer for a website broker, I’ve been building my skill sets and experience tenaciously over the last couple of years, and have stepped into a couple of leadership roles with various companies.

Currently, I’m the blog manager for, and the Promotional Coordinator for Both are fun positions, and in addition to writing content and coordinating promotional schedules, I manage other writers, edit and post content, and do a bit of graphic design for the purpose of social media promotion.

My current pet project though is my writing business – I take on individual clients for writing and promotional work that they need done, freeing up their time to focus on their businesses. It’s a tremendous amount of fun, working with clients on an individual basis and getting them into a routine to meet their sales and traffic goals. In addition to writing for businesses, I do a lot of writing for blogs and magazines.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

Okay, so obviously I’d love to pick up some new clients here. I just started working with a local client, and it has been really refreshing putting my skills into the local economy. But in all honesty, I would also just love to be continually inspired and motivated to go out there and get it by seeing all of these other women positively owning it.

So in short – networking, conducting business, and even just being social – I’d love to fill my contacts list with local women that are doing amazing things.

Other Information

I’m a copywriter and digital marketer, so I work on subject matter that covers everything from e-commerce to fashion, but I definitely have the most experience covering topics in homesteading and sustainability – really anything in the green sector. I live in a very small town, and have a personal interest in these subjects.

I’m a wife and mother, and I love putting my experience in rural Montana into the content that I write. Sure, I’m great with sales copy, and I can cover IT and tech topics like nobody’s business, but I think ultimately, the stuff we live is the stuff we love, and that’s what I really love to write about.