Danielle Daley
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A fierce advocate for gender equality and lifting other women up, I live by the words of Denise Juneau, "women can do hard things."

Current Position

Student Associate

Montana State University Leadership Institute





Specialty Areas
  • Non-Profit
  • Trailblazer
  • Community Organizer

Organizational management, team structure and communication, grassroots mobilization, grassroots organization, event management, leadership trainings, focusing on the positives

More Information:

Leadership Experience

As a 2017  NEW Montana Leadership Fellow, I have acquired knowledge and a skill set in the importance of risk taking as a leader, raising my hand despite having the 110% correct answer, and am looking into opportunities to run for political office.

My time as the Executive Assistant to the Director of the Montana Racial Equity Project has been a learning experience in grassroots organization and leadership, both visionary and organizational.

Working as the Assistant to the founder and manager of the Townsend Collective has cultivated a deeper understanding about the importance of personal leadership and advocacy in terms of entrepreneurship and lifting other women up towards success.

Through my work as a Student Associate at the Montana State Leadership Institute, I have learned about the leadership skills of; vulnerability, effective team management, event coordinating, and trial by fire.

As a player and coach in both Speech and Debate and Fastpitch Softball I have both learned and instilled the importance of being a leader who can connect with others in high stress situations and can form and manage a team that works together towards a common goal.



How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I am putting out an ask for mentors who can offer insight and guidance into the following areas:

  • Running for office; campaign management for others and myself, issue advocacy, staying true to core values
  • Entrepreneurial skills; managing and forming a team, financial leadership, self branding and marketing
  • Balancing life and work; family and career, things young women should know

I am also calling for other young women who may be looking for someone who can provide advice or an ear to listen, with a similar perspective (college student, fairly broke, high motivation, willingness and determination to do it all).