Dani Thomas
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I am a natural healer who's life vision, mission and purpose is to help people grow naturally, becoming their greatest, authentic selves.

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A Brilliant Blessings LLC





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Reiki and EFT tapping leading small groups in stress relief. Small group speaker: Natural ways to heal stress and balance the body.

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Leadership Experience

I Am, and always have been a natural healer and Empath.

Using my knowledge, I have helped someone who’s had restless leg syndrome for six months get rid of it in forty-five minutes.

My one shining moment was the day I helped a gentleman who had lost his wife two years prior in a tragic accident move from a ten on the pain scale to a two. This was also about a forty-five minute session. To him, it represented losing grief, to an ability to move on in life in peace.

To me, this showed the power of gaining peace, clarity, self confidence, and the fact that I can truly make a difference by helping people heal.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

You would like a free healing session to grow towards your goals or relieve current stress in your life.

I have one free session once a month to help people grow forward.

Other Information

I am a natural healer empath, and usually charge $110.00 an hour for services singly,

And $700.00 an hour for groups of fifteen to twenty.