Cheyenne Rivers
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Trainer for and
Education in the nature of mind.

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Balanced View and Happy Parent





Specialty Areas
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Human Services
  • Trailblazer

Leadership, coaching, team building, non-profit, conflict resolution, business intelligence, parent education, health and wellness

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I am a Trainer with and The training and support led me to complete utilization of mind resulting in freedom, innovation, and ease within all of my personal and work relationships, life circumstances, and in parenting my children. It is due to the training of Balanced View and Happy Parent that I continue to be directly informed, empowered and inspired in my endeavors to benefit others through sharing my direct experience and supporting others. I see the significant results of harmonious relationships, creativity, ease and solution orientation in every area of my life, as well as countless others, who participate. I am grateful for the opportunity to empower many friends and parents all over the world through these incredible offerings since 2004.

It is my vision to serve individuals and organizations to feel completely empowered and increasingly inspired to be of benefit to all and to serve fully with their innately empowered gifts, strengths, and talents.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

After years of trying to live up to my own expectations and well-intended efforts as a mother, I found immediate and permanent relief through recognizing the true nature of intelligence. This has resulted in being the parent I have always wanted to be. Nurturing and caring for my two children is completely enjoyable and easeful even in times of challenge. 

I feel honored to be a Certified Educator and Trainer with Happy Parent while also working as a consulting teacher in public and private schools.

I offer support for families globally, including extra support needed during the teenage years—empowering respectful relating, and empowering gifts, strengths and talents for the benefit of all.

Presently, I am residing in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. 

Other Information

From the moment I met our Founder, Candice O’denver, I felt complete ease and relief and wanted to share her vision for the benefit of all. I feel honored to have joined the Trainer Team in 2004.

I am passionate about making the Training available to everyone, whether online or in person. Additionally, I help in leading Trainings for parents of all ages.

I have gratitude in knowing so many are working together for real social change! In deepest respect to Candice, thank you!