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I desire to be a voice for those who are trying, but for whatever reason do not have the ability, capacity, or platform to advocate for themselves.

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  • Law
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Legal Writing, Legal Research, Photography

More Information:

Leadership Experience

In May 2020, I graduated law school and took the bar July 2020. I have worked as a research assistant for Alexander Blewett III School of Law’s Associate Dean for Clinical and Experiential Education as well as a legal intern with SAFE Harbor, a non-profit providing emergency shelter in a safe, secure environment, crisis Intervention services and emergency advocacy. In both opportunities, I spent time engaging my zest for writing, propensity for research, ‘doer’ personality to assist with my professor, the two staff attorneys, and a supervisory attorney at Safe Harbor. 

In addition to my work and my studies, I served as president of the Criminal Law Group, a core collective member of the National Lawyers Guild, and a board member of the Women’s Law Caucus. In each organization, I feel as if my membership has added to the group’s vibrancy and longevity through my drafting of the Criminal Law Group’s founding documents and ASUM membership acceptance, a record attendance at National Lawyers Guild Week Against Mass Incarceration event, and my revival of the Women’s Law Caucus blog. 

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I was able to leave the workforce having had a fulfilling career and the potential for upward mobility exclusively due to my privilege and my community. I hope to pay the benefits I’ve sown forward in support of others.