Bonnie Sachatello-Sawyer
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I am the Executive Director of Hopa Mountain, a Bozeman-based nonprofit organization that invests in rural and tribal citizen leaders.

Current Position

Executive Director

Hopa Mountain





Specialty Areas
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Community Organizer

writing, speaking, facilitating, mediating

More Information:

Leadership Experience

My leadership experience is focused around investing in others. Identifying natural community leaders (“citizen leaders”) and building their access to local, regional, and national resources in order to address community-identified concerns is an innovative way of bringing about effective change in rural communities. Citizen leaders know local strengths and weaknesses; they are already familiar with local social organizations, with formal institutions and their interconnections.  Providing citizen leaders with the means to expand opportunities in their communities will foster meaningful and sustainable social change.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I want to participate in PowerHouse to invest in other women. In working with Northern Rockies and Great Plains rural and tribal communities over the past twenty-five years, I have a deep appreciation for the vital role women play in every community. My goal is to support other women to expand opportunities across communities that is essential for long-term social change.