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Outdoor learning and play designer, consultant.

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Founder, Learning By Nature





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  • Education
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Play Space Design, Hands-on Education programming, Nonprofit Leadership, Playground Safety Inspector, Outreach & Education Program Developer & Manager, Community Outreach, Fundraising, Leadership

More Information:

Leadership Experience

After 17 years leading 3 regional and state-wide nonprofits, I decided to apply my large handbag of honed Executive Generalist skills and networks to launch my own business, Learning By Nature, now ten years and running.

Where I really shine is helping groups think outside the box, transforming problems and challenges into opportunities, and convening key stakeholders.  I enjoy designing and implementing playful outdoor learning spaces and playgrounds; training and coaching staff and parent groups on how to seamlessly integrate classroom learning into the outdoor world; applying learning to life and the planet we all share.

Maybe you or your children have enjoyed a Learning By Nature Natural Playground at a nearby elementary school, child care center, public park or neighbors back yard? Learning By Nature’s latest work is featured at the Story Mill Community Park & Playground. The SMCP project also involved years of planning, design, consulting, collaboration, skid-steer driving and hole digging.

My affinity and passion  for networking and convening has created and co-created multiple ongoing annual events such as the Bridger Raptor Festival and Annual Watershed Festival.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I am thrilled to be a resource for other women in: nuts & bolt business start-up and non-profit development & management, community outreach, program development, people convening, outdoor play-space design, playground inspections & playground risk management (for schools, child care, municipalities, private, public).

My familiar outreach strategies involve the hand-shake, phone call, email, mail, web and first generation social media outlets. This is where I could use some coaching! I also could use a few tips and “you go girl!”  to be a more effective focused and strategic self promoter.