Bekhi Spika
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I collaborate and create

Current Position

Director of Marketing

Spika Design & Manufacturing





Specialty Areas
  • Design / Marketing

Adobe suite

More Information:

Leadership Experience

I am currently very active in leading the development of our company’s culture, including guiding and implementing a culture committee. I am pioneering a few community development projects (with a focus on workforce development and event planning/sharing) and have plenty of outreach and public speaking experience. I am also currently a member of Leadership Central Montana. My company is very active in developing our local workforce for the manufacturing industry, so I am on the advisory board for City College and am working closely with Great Falls College to network with and educate students on their opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I am most interested in networking with professional women that are trying to instigate change in their personal or professional lives. I am happy to offer my skills in media and marketing to help those just starting out. One of my favorite things to do is sit down with a glass of wine and talk about content creation!