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✅My Strengths:
Visualize the Big Picture
Team building
Service driven

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Client Relations






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  • Communications
  • Consulting
  • Businesses
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  • Mentoring
  • Serving on a Board
  • Career Opportunities
  • Leadership Opportunities

✅My Strengths: Planning Support | Visualize the Big Picture | Team building| Facilitator | Service driven

More Information:

Leadership Experience

From the time I entered the workforce, I have always accelerated into leadership roles:

From  Cashier to Supervisor then to Manager for a major grocery store. The importance of customer service emerged at this stage of my career.

Then my love for travel embarked me on a new journey.  How else, other than to become a flight Attendant. I soon got into Program Development within the airline division. Creating Flight Attendant Manuals, First Aid Programs, Dangerous Goods and WHMIS courses.  Creating and teaching Customer Service programs was my passion. When I wasn’t training or developing, I was flying the friendly skies as a Service Director.

Since moving to MT, I have been involved with Daybreak Rotary, Inspired Woman, various networking groups (MWED/Kalispell Chamber/B2B). I also eager waiting for my “little” match BBBS.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I love connecting woman so anything I can do to strengthen these relationships.

I can be a safe place to fall when someone just needs a confidential friend.

I can be your prayer warrior.