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Brought by military service, fell in love with Montana. Been to over 75 countries, 7 wonders, & 7 continents. Avid motorcyclist

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Financial Advisor



Great Falls



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  • Finance
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Custom Planning, in travel and finance

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Leadership Experience

Hired with the Sacramento Police Department at 18 years old in California. Went to the academy at 20. Graduated College at 20. Traveled the world. Been to almost 80 countries; hit my 7th continent and 7th wonder before I turned 31.  Started law school at 22. Joined the United States Air Force at 24. Now, I’m at Financial Advisor at Stifel. I love helping people achieve their goal whether it’s to travel or save, I love helping people reach an those milestones!

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

Happy to serve!