Winter 2019 Featured PowerHouse Profile

Winter 2019 Featured PowerHouse Profile


Paige Williams


Short Bio

Paige Williams began her career as a documentary filmmaker. Her first film was about her experience as a Southern gay woman, her parent’s ex-gay ministry, and their relationship. How do you love family when everyone fundamentally disagrees?

The film traveled to over 50 film festivals and Paige was moved by festivals’ support and the obvious impact that the film had on the audience. Her experience showed that film festivals provide an important platform to change people’s hearts and minds.

So she knows firsthand that one film can change a 1000 minds.

She founded Audience Awards in 2013 on the belief that connecting filmmakers to opportunities creates change in the world. It is a video marketing platform that connects filmmakers, brands, and audiences.


What motivates and inspires you?

Good stories that inspire change & providing opportunities to elevate those stories

Who are your personal ‘Sheroes’/Female Role-Models?

A group of women you wouldn’t know by name. And I hope you too are surrounded by a group who make life richer and support you.

What technology/literature/art/seminars/ideas do you love, and recommend to others?

I love music, podcasts and books. Newest podcasts that have me hooked: Making Beyoncé and Dolly Parton’s America;

Record I can’t stop listening to:

KIWANUKA; Book I just read in one sitting:

Nickel Boys

How do you reboot?

Time alone and hiking

What is your biggest accomplishment, so far?

Parenting Jack, 11, and Bennie, 8

What is the biggest career risk you’ve ever taken?

Creating a tech company for filmmakers instead of continuing to make films

What is the lasting legacy you hope to leave?

Connecting people in a way that makes a difference in their lives

Words of wisdom you want to share with Montanan women?

No one can stop you except yourself



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