Equal Pay Day 2020

Today is Equal Pay Day 2020, the day on which we recognize and raise awareness about the gender pay gap. To put it simply, Equal Pay Day marks how far into the year women must work to earn what men … Continued

Cheers for Change 2020

The Women’s Foundation of Montana is excited to announce dates for our annual Cheers for Change fundraiser! For four years, we have marked Equal Pay Day with a fundraiser to raise awareness of the wage gap. What is Equal Pay … Continued

A Conversation on Diversity and Inclusion…

…with myself. Alternatively titled: What is the difference between Diversity and Inclusion, and why does it matter so much? Diversity and Inclusion. Neither of these concepts are particularly new, so why does it seem like this topic a Really Big … Continued

A Montana Paid Leave Success Story

We at the Women’s Foundation of Montana believe that paid leave for employees is hugely important in cultivating a thriving workplace community, and ultimately society. Taking pressures away from folks who have new children, who have sick parents, or who … Continued

African American Women of Montana

To kick off February and to celebrate Black History Month, we wanted to highlight some of the awesome African American women of Montana! Read about Mary Fields, a gun-slinging and whiskey-drinking mail carrier; Sarah Bickford, the first African American woman … Continued

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PowerHouse Montana Launched at Equal Pay Summit

Equal Pay for Equal Work Crosses Party Lines

New Women’s History Mural in Montana State Capitol Unveiled

$70K in Grants for Women

Gender Equality Campaign Spreads Across Country

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Montana Girls STEM Funds 8 Montana Youth Projects

WFM Grants More than $25,000 to Grow Girls’ STEM  Projects

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