Creating Community in Difficult Times

The last few months with COVID-19 has been a turbulent time for many. As more communities are affected and more schools and public events are cancelled, it’s hard to know how to move forward, both in our personal lives and in our careers. The days seem to get more monotonous (and busier too!) as time goes on, and the temptation to fall into the trap of isolation is great.

But this doesn’t mean we should.

Creating community can look a number of ways: reconnecting with old friends, finding new online spaces to interact with like-minded people, or even something as simple as checking in with your closest friends. While many of us already have communities that we’re a part of, now is the time to really engage with and hold on to those connections.

Since the beginning of April, women have been steadily leaving the workforce. When school started back up around the country in September, married women lost almost 1 million jobs while men lost nearly 800,000 jobs. With so much uncertainty around the future in terms of jobs, income, child-care, and more, we need our communities to work together to figure out how to support the women who may be experiencing these new difficult times and how to prevent the further backsliding of women in workforce.

PowerHouse Montana is a great start for women seeking community.

Throughout the course of the pandemic PowerHouse has strived to provide quality content and resources to deal with the many difficulties that came with the shift in our lives due to COVID-19. Our goal is to be a welcoming community where women can come together to talk about issues that we face, both as individuals and as a whole, and find solutions or strategies to help us through.

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