Johanna Ciampa
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Current Position

Owner and Founder




Specialty Areas
  • Arts - Performing
  • Entrepreneur/Business Owner

performer, performing arts enthusiast, entertainment management, events

More Information:

Leadership Experience

Born and raised in the mountains, I am inspired by and grateful for life: loved ones, wild places, lessons, health, adventures, mentors, magic, and freedom.  I fell in love with the performing arts when they offered me an escape that kept me out of trouble…and stayed in love with the ability to simultaneously reconnect and release from myself through the arts.

I am just a kid playing, gaining access to a kaleidoscope of perspectives.  Each time I inhabit a role, I learn something new, deepen my compassion for others and my understanding of the world–which strengthens the boundaries of who I am and the life I choose to create.

My passion is challenging myself artistically with diversity and innovation while working with others who inspire, find value, and have integrity.  I seek to be a part of quality creative projects that impact and entertain others and help me to evolve.

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How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

I would love to connect to mentors and if you see a way that I can help you, please connect with me!

If you are doing a creative project, let’s discuss ways to collaborate!