Dan Hansen
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Dan Hansen is a brand strategist at Wheelie Creative. He works at an office filled with women, breaking Montana stereotypes every day like a champ.

Current Position

Brand Strategist

Wheelie Creative





Specialty Areas
  • Design / Marketing

Brand strategy, business, growth, marketing, branding, content writing

More Information:

Leadership Experience

Formerly the marketing manager at Glacier Park, Inc., Dan Hansen joined Wheelie Creative to help provide marketing strategy to clients locally and globally. He helps clients reach their goals by setting them up with a plan for success. Whether helping business owners work with our design team or coming up with plans that they want to carry out themselves, Dan is an asset to Wheelie Creative.

How I Want to Participate in PowerHouse

Dan would be an excellent voice for any event that emphasizes what it takes to be a good man in an office full of women. He is kind, considerate, and brings a sense of humor to the office that makes everyone feel comfortable. He supports the success of women and is an excellent listener and team player. Dan is easy to talk to, respectful, reports to female bosses, and is an asset to the crew and culture at Wheelie Creative.

Other Information

Dan is also on the board of Directors for Flathead Fat Tires and cares deeply about the mountain biking community in Montana. Dan once rode his bicycle from Coast to Coast. This slow-and-steady mindset carries into the thoughtful approach Dan brings to every project. He is the only male in our Whitefish office, and he interacts with everyone respectfully, intuitively, and positively. He helps brands, which often have a lot of male leadership, approach their women’s outdoor brands with a broader mindset to achieve more robust offerings for women, both digitally and in product. Dan’s the man!